5 Fun and Simple DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids

This coming Halloween, it’s time to make things fun, exciting, spine-chilling, and different. I used to always buy ready-made decorations to place and hang around the house, but going DIY changed everything; it has so many benefits that it’s hard to go back.

This year, have your kids take part in turning the house a bit spookier with DIY Halloween crafts.


From pumpkin carving to drawing and painting, not only are crafts lots of fun for children, but they also play a vital part in stimulating their creativity and developing skills such as coordination, self-regulation and self-esteem. Plus it’s a great opportunity for family bonding time.


On top of that, many ideas involve using empty boxes and everyday things you can find at home, which makes DIY inexpensive and oh-so convenient.


After going through a wide range of DIY lists online, I found some interesting and absolutely easy crafts for kids of all ages. These 5 were my children’s favorites:


1- Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft for Kids:


The empty toilet paper roll is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for crafts of all sorts. In this case, Crafty Morning shows us how, in just two simple moves, it can be shaped into the bat’s body, ears and legs.


Source: Crafty Morning


You will need:
– A toilet paper roll
– Black paint and a paintbrush
– 2 googly eyes
– Black cardboard
– Glue


Fold both ends in on the toilet paper roll to make the bat’s ears and legs. Paint the toilet paper roll black and wait for it to dry. In the meantime, draw and cut out bat wings on the black cardboard (the wing base has to be shorter than the toilet roll). Glue the wings to the toilet roll, and stick on the two googly eyes.


2- Halloween Rock Magnets


This Heart of Mine’s idea is amusing and very easy. It requires a handful of small, smooth rocks that your kids will then be able to stick to the fridge and play around with. Time to put on your creative hats!


You will need:
– Smooth rocks
– Paint and a paintbrush
– Paint markers
– A strong adhesive or glue
– Magnets


Source: This Heart of Mine


Choose any kind of Halloween creature, like a pumpkin, a ghost or a black cat. Paint its color on the whole rock, and let it dry. Then draw its features (eyes, mouth, etc.) with the marker, and let it dry as well. Glue the magnet to the back of the rock.


3- Haunted House:


This great idea from Choose Cartons suggests the use of empty juice or milk cartons for the house foundations, which works just as well as any other foundation — and it’s a great initiative to raise awareness on helping the environment and adopting good recycling habits!


Depending on how many boxes you have (and how adventurous you’re feeling), you can either create a few haunted houses next to each other, or go all the way and build a scary ghost town together!


You will need:
– Empty juice or milk cartons
– Scissors
– Orange or yellow colored foil or paper
– Black cardboard (optional)
– Glue
– Black paint (preferably acrylic) and a paintbrush


Cut the bottoms of the empty cartons. Draw and cut out the windows on each carton, and partly cut a door to make it open and close. Paint the cartons black and leave them to dry.


Cut the colored paper or foil for the doors and windows, and cut the black cardboard into strips to make the window frames (another option could be to use strips from the carton bottoms and paint them black). Glue the frames to the windows, then stick the windows in place inside each opening.


Add as much decoration to your haunted house as you want, such as googly eyes on the roof, pumpkins on the edges and spooky drawings and stickers here and there.


Source: Choose Cartons


4- Puffy Ghosts:


This one is pretty straightforward and everyone can join in the fun — even the youngest ones will buckle down. I found this amazingly simple idea on the Thriving Home blog.


You will need:
– Black and white paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Cotton balls
– Black thread (optional)


Draw and cut out ghost outlines on the white paper. Glue the cotton balls on to cover the paper completely. While the glue dries, use the black paper to cut out some eyes and mouths. If you want to hang them at home, all you need to do is stick some threads on the back.


Source: Thriving Home


5- With Spiders on the Head:


Krokotak proposes an amusing paper spider that little ones can wear as a crown. Using several strips of black cardboard for the spider’s body and legs, this craft is convenient, fast, spooky and cute all at once.


You will only need:
– Black cardboard
– Orange paper or Googly eyes
– Scissors
– Glue or a stapler


Cut one large strip of black cardboard that’s as long as your child’s head circumference, then glue (or staple) the corners together to make a crown.


Cut 8 long thin strips for the spider’s legs. Fold and unfold them in half, then on each strip fold one edge outward to make small paws — and to make the legs look scarier. Glue or staple the legs on the crown, while leaving some space for the eyes on the front.


To make the eyes, you can either cut the orange paper into big rounds and some of the black cardboard into smaller ones, or simply glue some googly eyes on and — voila! — you got yourself a paper spider.


Source: Krokotak


There! It’s amazing how fun, easy, and eco-friendly DIY Halloween decorations can be. Your children will love getting actively immersed in the Halloween spirit, and these crafts are sure to make it an unforgettable family experience.


What are you planning on creating with your kids for Halloween? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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