Baby Proof Your Home without Giving Up on Style

Did you know that window cords are listed among the Top 5 Hidden Home Hazards by the Consumer Product Safety Commission? According to the Window Cord Safety Statistics on the Blindsaver blog, between 1996 and 2012, around 1,600 children suffered injuries from strangulation after getting tangled in blind cords. Almost 300 of them died from these injuries.

This is just one example of the many things at home that you would probably not think about, but could be threatening to your young child.


Baby proofing your home becomes an urgent need as soon as you kid can start walking on their own — and before their clumsy steps lead them straight to a piece of furniture or a table corner.


But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home decor… completely. Fortunately, there are a few ways to guarantee safety while keeping a beautiful home. Here’s how I tackled some of my dilemmas when I had to redecorate my home with the right safety measures:


1- Focus on safe decorative items: I’d be lying if I told you I was enchanted at the idea of putting my crystals and glass items away for some time. But I never realized how much I loved pillows until I had to prioritize them when redecorating. They ended up filling the living room with such beautiful colors and fluffy comfort that I’m considering keeping them for good. Plus with washable covers, I don’t have to worry about the hassle of cleaning them. So it might be hard at first, but who knows, maybe it can teach you something new about your taste, too.


2- Go for large rugs: Because they don’t slide as easily, big carpets are less likely to cause slipping or falling. Plus, they can seamlessly add style, beauty and a homey touch to any room.



3- Get sharp edges out of the way: If your current tables and chairs have sharp corners, get safety corner guards or edge bumpers to protect your kids from accidents. Many good brands can be found in most children shops, or even online (Safety 1st Foam Bumper Kit). If you haven’t bought all your furniture yet, it might be a good idea to postpone coffee tables for the moment.


4- Tie up your window blind cords: Blind cord accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and the risk of strangulation is more serious than ever. Tie the cords up to the highest possible level, away from your kid’s reach. This informational video from ABC News explains and shows how dangerous it can get (warning: it might be disturbing to some).



5- Use safety locks and plug covers: These are the classics of baby safety products. For years they’ve played an important role in preventing countless catastrophes from happening at home. And now, you can find a good variety of nice and stylish designs. (Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs, 32-Count).


6- Color your walls: If you find your living room too basic or cold now that you’ve removed some of your decorations, you can embellish your walls with colorful paint or wallpaper. Colorful walls will add charm and liveliness to the space, and they’ll make the empty furniture unnoticeable (or let’s say less noticeable).


If you’re in love with style and decor like me, you might feel unenthusiastic about forgoing part of the interior design at first. But after all, your baby’s safety is a top priority, and ensuring this safety will make you forget all about these ornaments. Besides, this phase won’t last long; your child will grow up in no time, and these details will no longer pose a threat.


And when this happens… It’ll finally be time for that long-awaited interior upgrade!


If you want to know more about the Top 5 Hidden Hazards, check out the infographic here.


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