Bully-Proof Secrets Every Parent Must know

On Saturday 11th of November, 2017, My Motherhood and No Label partnered in a parent meet-up, where around 32 parents attended and learned about bullying and their role as parents in a bullying situation. Meanwhile, children enjoyed their time with No Label’s volunteers who did many activities with them like coloring, face-painting or story-telling.


The positive feedback we had after the meet-up and the urge of the attendees to have another one was all we needed to start preparing for our next round.



Check out how we learned, had fun and ENJOYED our time! Super kudus for the daddies who showed up. We even had a 20 day old baby in the crowd! #nolabelme x My MotherhoodComment what you think 👇🏻

Posted by No Label NGO on Sunday, November 12, 2017



Bullying is a serious and sometimes traumatic behavior that can happen with children. It is an unwanted, aggressive behavior that happens among school-aged kids. In order for a behavior to be considered as “bullying”, it has to happen over an extended period of time and repeatedly. The kids who are bullied and the ones who bully may develop long-term effects.


Bullying has three characteristics: it is repeated, intentional and it occurs between children who have a power imbalance. There are four types of bullying: verbal, psychological, physical and cyber.



It is very important for parents to learn how to know if their child is bullying others or is being bullied by others, and what to do if they face one of these situations.



We thank all the parents who attended and benefited from this serious topic.
Stay tuned, we are preparing for our next fun yet educational meeting!


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