Eco-Friendly Tips for Moms

Being environmentally conscious has always been one of my main concerns especially after becoming a mother. It is very important to me to preserve the environment and save it for the generations to come. We only have one planet to live on!  


“Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature” is beautiful. We are blessed with the beautiful beaches, the nature, the mountains, the rain and many other aspects around us. It provides us with the air we breathe to live. Without the trees we cannot have the oxygen to breathe. It also provides us with water and food. We get our water from nature, and our fruits and vegetables or even animals that grow or live in nature. Wouldn’t it be better to have unpolluted air to breathe, cleaner water to drink, or organic fruits to eat? Wouldn’t it be even better if we normalize them and have them naturally?


With the importance in preserving the beauty and the need of our earth on our mind, we need to learn how to save it for our children and grandchildren. As a mother, I want the best quality of life I can provide for my kids. I want them to grow in a clean environment.



That’s why I started by reducing pollution and waste at home. We all know the general rules of recycling, reducing water and energy waste and reducing car usage, but mothers can do much more than that:


1- Breastfeeding:
It is always the healthiest option for your baby, and it is also totally environmentally friendly. It has no impact on the environment at all. However, if you choose to pump, you can always store them in glass bottles or BPA- free reusable plastic bottles instead of plastic bags.


2- Homemade meals:
Once my babies turned six months old, I started cooking for them at home as much as possible. Homemade meals are no doubt healthier and nutritious. You can always know what’s going into each meal, and how it is preserved. You can also keep extra ready meals in your freezer and just warm them up to consume, which makes them just as convenient as takeaway food.


3- Cloth diapers:
The production, the distribution and the disposal of disposable diapers have a big effect on the planet. With reusable cloth diapers you will not only save a lot of money to your pocket, but also you will help the environment immensely as the amount of disposable diapers around the world yearly is so big.


4- Making your own household cleaning products:
Not only does it cut household costs, but it is also safer for our family and our planet. Vinegar and baking soda are two super ingredients when it comes to cleaning. I use essential oils to give them nicer smells. For instance, I wash my vegetables and fruits by soaking them in vinegar and salt. I also clean mirrors and glasses with a combination of vinegar, baking soda and water.


5- Buying organic:
I try as much as possible to buy and consume organic for my family. Organic agriculture uses organic fertilizers instead of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, in addition to more eco-friendly steps taken during the production process.


6- Starting a garden:
It is not easy or doable for everyone, but for whoever has a small garden, it is a nice project to grow fruits and vegetables in it. You can grow your own organic fruits and vegetables, eat healthier and make it fun for the kids in helping you with your garden.


There are many other things we can do, but starting with these easy steps that every mother can do in her own house can make a big difference. Not only we as mothers will make a difference, but we will raise a generation who knows how to “Save the Earth”. We all want a better life for our children so let’s protect our earth and teach them to keep on doing it.


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