Bullying: A Concern to All Mothers

Bullying is perhaps one of the most harmful experiences a child can endure, and yet it is still neglected by many parents, schools and children. According to a study, about 49% of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month in the West, where bullying is being treated as a public health concern. Even if we don’t see it happen or hear about it, bullying can have detrimental long-term consequences on our children’s health and well-being.
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Q&A: How Can We Keep Children Safe from the Sun

Summer is coming soon and most of our children’s activities are going to be outdoors, in addition to going to the beach. Lots of children suffer from sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration during summer, so mothers need to watch their children carefully during the play time outdoors and take the necessary precautions from the sun. I visited Dr. Nazik Ezzedine, MD in Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology, and she explained more about how to keep our children protected under the sun.
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Easy and Healthy Breakfast Nut Granola

Weekday mornings can be hectic enough, let alone having to worry about what to make for breakfast. A really quick and easy breakfast idea, and one which my children always ask for is nut granola. It is a simple recipe for the morning rush, and very easy to prepare if you have never made some before – other than the fact that it’s a great substitute for sugary breakfast cereals.

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