What It Means to Be a Mother

Motherhood is much more than what the definition of being a mother is in a dictionary. The journey of motherhood starts the moment you carry a life inside you – one that will love you more than anyone else one day and will only call you “mommy”.  


Being a mother means forgetting the labor pains as soon as you hold your newborn baby, knowing you have an infinitely precious soul in your care from that moment forward. And while sometimes we struggle to make it through sleepless nights and tiring days, we know too well that it’s all worth it.


Being a mom is about selflessness and putting your children’s happiness and comfort above yours. It means that you might lack confidence and that you might feel helpless the first days with you newborn, yet it teaches you that perfection doesn’t exist, and that whatever you are doing is right because your heart says so. And those fears quickly fade when your newborn does an adorable thing that reaffirms that there isn’t anything like it in the world. Simply, motherhood makes you realize that your life has changed for the better, and that love will keep growing forever.


It gets you laughing at jokes that are not funny and reading and enjoying the same stories every day. You will find yourself singing and listening to kids’ songs in your car for twenty minutes, even if they are not with you. It will feel like living another childhood with them, making you feel young, energetic and fun.


A mom will always shine in front of her children and put on a strong, happy and confident face even on the not so great days. Even more, your children could make you forget your worries and ease up whatever you might be facing.


For them you are the most beautiful person they know, and for you, they are your world. It’s a kind of love and bond that can’t be replaced. Being a mom is one of the sweetest joys and blessings in life, and nothing beats hearing “I love you mommy”, not to mention the hugs and kisses that come with it.
Motherhood can’t be defined in certain boundaries. Becoming a mother made me realize the happiness and the meaning my children brought to my life. It is a rewarding and wonderful experience (although terrifying and challenging at times), but if ever asked, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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